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December 4, 2016

Sharing The Sexiness

Being the person I am, I get to hear a lot about people's sex lives. Some people offer the juicy details voluntarily and others I have to coax it out of them little by little. I am always intrigued at the different vibes you get from people when they talk about sex, and details of their sex lives. Some people are hesitant and tell you like it's a secret & you can just tell they're waiting for you to judge them. Others seem to see it as validation, be it of their manhood, desirability or something else. These people I often find myself wanting to walk away from as I struggle to give time to ego boosts. Then there are those who speak of sex as if it were the most natural thing in the world (and it is). They speak with ease and honesty. I love those people, I want to know everything they have to share.


October 31, 2016


There are so many sensations when I am having sex that I just adore.
Warm breath on my neck just before they kiss it.
Fingertips tracing my inner thighs.
That first taste of someone new.
The smell of a man you have lusted for for so long.

What does it for you?

October 30, 2016

Do You Need A Fucking Map?

The booooooooooooooooooooooooooooring fucking "so what are you into?" "tell me what you'd do to me if I were there right now" "what is you favorite thing to do/position" conversations. I just need to get it out there that these fucking conversations make me want to gouge my fucking eyes out! I do not want to fuck someone who I need write a fucking instruction manual for.
I enjoy organic sex, that you go into wanting to explore and go with the flow. If you only like to fuck one way then we are certainly not going to have fun. If I need to tell you every minute detail on how to get me off we will not have fun. As a man I know put it "stroke my clitoris 37 times in a clockwise direction" was the kind of instruction he needed. Let me tell you that that comment dried my vajayjay right up. If you're that clueless and can't read my body language verbal cues then get the fuck out of my pussy!

Cheating Etiquette

I have now experienced on more than one occasion being ambushed and coming face to face with the partner of a man I have fucked with ZERO FUCKING NOTICE!!!!!
Is it really that fucking hard to give a sister a heads up! I would like to be prepared for that and the feelings that it will bring up. I'm not a robot and especially in a situation where alcohol is involved it really could end badly for both of us should I not be able to keep my trap shut. Are men really silly enough to not think about shit like that? Like a) fucking someone in the same social circles as you seems like a bad choice to begin with. and b) do you not wanna try and mitigate any potential fuck up and secret spillage?

I'd love to hear from those of you who have/do have sex with people outside your marriage/relationship? Do you have rules about it? If you were in that situation would you warn the woman? LET ME UNDERSTAND YOU PEOPLE WITH THE PENIS!!!!!! You all confuse me so!


October 16, 2016

How Different

I've recently had sex with 2 men and I was taken aback by just how different the sex was with each.

The first man, is somewhat like having sex with a robot. You can tell that he is very used to having sex the same way most, if not all of the time. We have only had sex twice, both times it was very similar. There was kissing, but not because kissing is fun. It felt more like kissing because that is what you're meant to do to get aroused. Then there is minimal finger action short after followed by 5 minutes of missionary sex. I'm not to say that this is the only sex this man is capable of. However it did feel like it was learned behaviour, a script to follow to achieve an orgasm. No exploration, no prolonging the ache and need. This man spoke of teasing and longing however it appears we have different ideas about how far to push this. For me to really be teased to be taken to the edge of how much I can handle takes much more than 5 minutes of kissing and some heavy petting through my pants.

The second man.... Well the second man, now he is someone who knows exactly how to touch a woman. When to touch, where to touch, how to touch. Sex with this man feels organic, that you don't know what is going to come next. The first time I had sex with this man he left me sore, I asked him to bite my nipples and that he did. For hours... days after I felt the aftermath, making me wet each time they hurt from brushing against something. He made me squirt just from biting me, running his fingernails up and down my thighs as his teeth inflicted ecstasy. I have not squirted like I did with this man for a very very long time. It would have been years since I experienced this kind of pleasure. I am able to have almost endless G-Spot orgasms, which allows me to have hours of pleasure bestowed upon me, something this man was more than capable of. The way he moans when his cock hits the back of my throat, so incredibly sexy. I look forward to many more fun nights with him. Where we are at ease and focus on nothing but sexual satisfaction. To kiss him, to have my sheets smell like him, to feel his fingers glide over my skin.


September 5, 2016

Who are you to judge me?

so tonight I find myself incredibly pissed off at something someone said to me. It's someone I've been sleeping with for a little while. Someone who is very vanilla and closed minded in comparison to most people I fuck. We have broke the subject of golden showers a couple of time in jest, however I thought I'd made it quite clear that I was genuinely interested in that. I knew he wasn't so it's just something that's sat on the shelf. The other day we had a convo back pushing boundaries and we each gave each other a list, water sports was not on his lost. I thoug this interesting and tonight I broached the subject, expecting the reaction that I got but feeling disappointed none the less. I got told to 'have some self respect' which isn't the first time he's said this. It has unsighted some serious fucking rage inside me, how dare someone try and dictate to me what activities are deemed suitable for me to engage in. I have purposefully not told him about me escorting etc because I know he doesn't have the capacity to understand. What really fucks me off is that he has a partner. To me I lose a lot more fucking self respect by fucking someone in a relationship that I do having someone piss on me!