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September 5, 2016

Who are you to judge me?

so tonight I find myself incredibly pissed off at something so,some said to me. It's someone I've been sleeping with for a little while. Someone who is very vanilla and closed minded in comparison to most people I fuck. We have broke the subject of golden showers a couple of time in jest, however I thought I'd made it quite clear that I was genuinely interested in that. I knew he wasn't so it's just something that's sat on the shelf. The other day we had a convo back pushing boundaries and we each gave each other a list, water sports was not on his lost. I thoug this interesting and tonight I broached the subject, expecting the reaction that I got but feeling disappointed none the less. I got told to 'have some self respect' which isn't the first time he's said this. It has unsighted some serious fucking rage inside me, how dare someone try and dictate to me what activities are deemed suitable for me to engage in. I have purposefully not told him about me escorting etc because I know he doesn't have the capacity to understand. What really fucks me off is that he has a partner. To me I lose a lot more fucking self respect by fucking someone in a relationship that I do having someone piss on me!

July 12, 2016


Why am I not content to just be friends with people? Why must I let my lust get in the way? I don't NEED to have sex with my mates.... So why do I? My lack of self control astounds me.
Are others like this? I can't be totally alone in my poor decision making when it comes to the opposite sex...

July 11, 2016

Not at all, or just not named?

I've been asked by someone I've slept with to not blog about them.... Now I do a good job of hiding people's identities on here and so now I'm left wondering. If he is not identifiable does it count? Am I betraying him if I blog about him even though no one will ever know it's him and he doesn't read this? I want to respect his wishes but I also want to write!

Is it weird?

To straight out ask someone if they enjoyed having sex with you? I know that if someone wants to do it again that's a good sign, but what if the situation is complicated.... Can you just be like 'so.... Did you enjoy us together?'

I am someone who is big on asking questions. I like knowing or at least having some vague idea about what someone likes in the bedroom before banging them but that wasn't really possible before this.

I just want to know if he liked it!

June 30, 2016

Touch me

Please, let me feel your fingertips fall against my skin. Feel my heart beat pulse under my skin as you run your hands down my neck. Let them rest on my shoulder as you softly... Oh so softly kiss my lips. They quiver with anticipation. They have wanted to feel you for so long. I have watched you, the way you talk, the way you laugh, your eyes as you try to analyse me. You're a deep thinker and my soul recognises that. It's what draws me to you, I want to unravel you. I want to let you delve deep into my soul. Let you explore and understand me. I want to give myself to you. Not only my body, but my everything. Kiss me like I've longed for you to do. Drink me in. Taste my lust for you, it has aged well, never wavering. Push against me, let me feel the weight of your need. Take me, take from me all that you want. I am all yours. 

June 20, 2016

It's not rocket science

I know I've said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again until men start paying attention. If you want to get laid, no matter where you are meeting women treat them with respect and decency. Is it really that fucking hard to make conversation with a woman, treat her as if she is an actual person and not just a walking cunt you can't wait to stick your dick in. You don't need to know her life story but some fucking pleasantries can be managed can't they? I am an incredibly sexual woman but let me tell you that I do not live to suck your dick and if you think that me wanting to go to bed with you is a given you are WRONG! When dudes say to me, I don't want to date women on Tinder of whatever means it is, I just want to get laid. That's fine all power to you but you can still fucking make conversation with the women. When did this sense of entitlement take over? When did it come about that you assumed sex was a given and you didn't need to work even the slightest little bit to get it. Let me tell you that if a man comes across to me as being arrogant or unwilling to make half an effort to fuck me, he isn't getting shit from me. If you are too lazy to make conversation you will be too lazy to make me cum. If you are too into yourself that you think the female sex owes you, you're going to be a selfish lover. I don't have time for selfish men in my bed or my life. Make an effort and I will suck you dry. Being a fucking tosser and you will be humping your hand! It's simple.