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January 21, 2017

Lying Piece of Shit

Fucking Catfish

I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie or the TV show Catfish. I often find myself watching the show thinking COME ON PEOPLE GET A CLUE! Today however I felt like Nev and Max should have been all up in my grill with their cameras, because I good people of the blogosphere have been catfished like a mother fucker. 

So let me tell you a little story. When I was around 22 I lived in a place called Queanbeyan, which is right near Canberra. I had very few friends in the area and relied heavily on adult match maker to keep me entertained and provide human interactions. During my time there I came in contact with a guy called Kaine Robertson who was a kiwi Rugby player. I did some googling etc when we began chatting and saw he played Rugby in Italy for a while and things seemed pretty legit. He was pretty busy so it was hard for us to catch up but we had chatted on the phone from time to time. One night FINALLY after months and months he said he was free for me to come over and see him. I spent so long getting ready, making sure everything was perfect because this man was FINE! He was everything I was looking for in a guy and I thought that maybe just maybe this could be more than just sex. So in the middle of winter (for anyone who knows Canberra weather you know that it was fucking freezing out there) I trekked off to go meet the man of my dreams. I remember my heart pounding out of my chest, I was so nervous but I managed to press the buzzer to his apartment…. Only to have a woman answer and tell me that no one by the name of “Kaine” resided in that building. My heart sank, I returned home fuming. I was so upset and confused. He made the excuse that he had to work late or something blah blah. However he never sent me a text to let me know this and it still didn't explain why the address he gave me was a dud. He was dreaming, I was horny so I let it go and turned a blind eye.

A little while later I started chatting to this other guy who also lived in the same area around the same time. He was a kiwi rugby coach who after stint working in Canberra had moved back to NZ. I remember asking him about “Kaine”, asking if he knew him. Trying to get some answers. He said that he did know him, he was a real person and was living in the area around that time. So I took his word for it, however much it hurt my ego now that he was real and didn't want to meet me in person it seemed. At this point “Kaine” had been living in Sydney and once I moved back up there I was hoping to catch up with him. But guess what! That never happened and conveniently “Kaine” moved back to NZ. We used to chat on Facebook, I remember there was the location settings on messenger and I check to see where he was sending the messages from because things were suss. It all checked out her was chatting to me from NZ and so I left things at that. After a while I gave up chasing, you can only want someone unattainable for so longer before you decide your self-respect is more important. It may have been a couple of years but eventually I walked away. It was something that for years after would still annoy me and from time to time I would FB stalk his profile and get annoyed at things I saw. 

Skip forward like 5 years and last weekend I was chatting to 2 of my friends who are also on adult match maker. We were discussing people who put pictures on their profiles that are clearly not of themselves. The conversation then turned to being fucked around by people, one of my friends mentioned that happening to her. The guy was some sort of football player or something, she wasn’t sure as she isn’t into sport. She said that she found out that this person was a fake and contacted the real guy letting him know someone was using his pics. She said that she was now friends with the real sports star but had also remained friends with the person using the fake pics, saying that he was a nice guy and was just confused.

Skip forward to last night when something in my head made me think of Kaine Robertson and the conversation from last weekend. I got my phone out and decided to have a bit of a trawl through. I found him and WOW he was looking old! I was confused because I was sure when we chatted he had looked a fuckload younger. I was thinking that the past 5 or so years had not been kind to him! I went all the way back in his profile because he had kids, older kids and was married. Kinds that he would have had when we chatted! I went back to around the time we would have first chatted and I could see that at that time he was still living in Italy and was in a relationship with a kid. I was pissed off. What a lying fucking douche. So I waited until this morning and messaged my friend asking if Kaine Robertson was the person who she had chatted to all that time ago. It was indeed, we had both been caught out! CUUUUUUUUUUNT!!!! She then gave me the name of the real guy who had been behind the fake "Kaine" account, his name was Mike *R*. I searched the name and my stomach flipped…. It was Mike who I had chatted to all those years ago. It was Mike who I still chat to, to this very fucking day. It was Mike who tells me how he has feelings for me and offers to fly over from NZ, away from his kids and wife to be with me. It was Mike with a different fucking fake profile being a lying fucking cunt. It is Mike who apparently was going to meet me only a short few weeks ago but something had conveniently happened and he couldn't. I let her know that this was also a fake name and that his real name was Mike *L*. Mike *L* with the profile that has his photos of his kids and wife all over it. This man who I had thought was my mate, who pretended to give a fuck about me. Who was pissed off when men treated me like shit had been doing just that to me for mother fucking YEARS! What the fuck do you achieve from lying to someone for so many years? You do not appreciate or respect someone you lie to like that. You played me, you made me out to be a fool and you just got caught out!

Now I find myself thinking about to all these conversations I had with people in the past. Women who I contacted an asked if they had actually met “Kaine” and spent time with him. Obviously they had lied to me because that person was never real, he was Mike, hiding behind a fake profile. Wasting people’s time, giving them false hope and fucking with their emotions. Women who would tag him in posts like he was an actual human, begging for envy from others. Pathetic, both them and Mike. 

I was, I am full of white hot mother fucking RAGE! I am beyond pissed off, you better watch yourself fool because I will fuck you up.

You are a deadshit. 


January 15, 2017

Dick Pics

Dudes, I know most of your are pretty enamored with your shlong and want to show anyone who is half willing. As a woman who probably loves dick an above average amount even I get sick of seeing them. I know you're proud, I know you think seeing it is going to send me into a sex crazed ravenous state but in reality it really isn't going to do that on most occasions.
Perhaps you need to go look at this blog and get some inspiration about getting creative... Because this is the kinda thing I could look at ALL DAY and that will indeed result in me being wet and wanting to grind on someone TMDD



So for those who follow me on Twitter you already know the news that I am moving away from the fine city of Radelaide. I will be returning home to live in Sydney in the next couple of months. I will be continuing to sell my videos/pics and provide escorting services before the move which will probably happen late March or early April. I will pick things up again once I am settled in Sydney. If you would like to purchase anything let me know via email sexysexyjess@hotmail.com payments can be made via paypal using the same email address.

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Small Joys

You know the fun you have when you have inside jokes with your mates and can have a giggle just between the 2 of you. I learnt recently the same can happen when you have fucked someone but only the 2 of you know. When someone mentions golden showers and you say "Oh I've already asked him to pee on me and he said no!!!!". Everyone laughs, but only the 2 of you know that you really did ask him. And that you had a huge fight about it.... and that now you no longer fuck as a result of that fight. AWKIES!

It's a Crying Shame, That Our Hearts Don't Beat the Same

Most of us have the one that got away… Someone who we thought we could be happy with. Someone who we are left to ponder “what if?” about…. Well for me I have 2 of those.

Due to some facebook stalking yesterday I found out that one of those people is now happily married. He looked so so happy in the wedding photos and I felt my heart break a little. I had always held out hope that maybe one day we would drift back toward each other and pick up where we left off. I found out a couple of years ago that we are both very passionate supporters of my beloved Giants and had always hoped that we’d casually bump into each other at a game or such. 

It has been a long time since I have been with this man, but there are just people who leave an impact on your life. We met on an adult dating site and our relationship was always only ever casual. We were mates though. We had dinner, we went to concerts together. It wasn’t only about the sex, which was oh so good! This is a man who when I said I hadn’t shaved, he couldn’t have given a shit and made me feel so comfortable in my skin. In my early 20s when we were seeing each other, he was the only person I ever felt comfortable enough to show my whole body to when we would have sex on webcam. He would ask to see all of me, he made me feel beautiful when society told me otherwise.

I’m not sure if I ever loved him, but there was always something there. There was the glimmer of something that could be beautiful. He was smart and funny and oh so nerdy. All the attributes I love in a man. He saved me from an all male moshpit at the Hilltop Hoods, sung me Flight of the Concords songs and was my 6’5 big spoon. He was ideal…. Even though he made me sleep in silence.

As I started this blog I Will Always Love You came up on my playlist, so I will finish with saying that I wish him joy and happiness. Hopefully I will see him one day to tell him that in person and congratulate him on finding someone who makes him smile.

I will always miss you Mr Moody....


December 4, 2016

Sharing The Sexiness

Being the person I am, I get to hear a lot about people's sex lives. Some people offer the juicy details voluntarily and others I have to coax it out of them little by little. I am always intrigued at the different vibes you get from people when they talk about sex, and details of their sex lives. Some people are hesitant and tell you like it's a secret & you can just tell they're waiting for you to judge them. Others seem to see it as validation, be it of their manhood, desirability or something else. These people I often find myself wanting to walk away from as I struggle to give time to ego boosts. Then there are those who speak of sex as if it were the most natural thing in the world (and it is). They speak with ease and honesty. I love those people, I want to know everything they have to share.