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June 12, 2017

Small town living

I had a thought the other day about things that can be weird living in a small town. A couple I went to school with now live in the house my family built when I was a kid. I found myself thinking about how that they now have sex in the room that my parents had sex in. Their child now sleeps in the room where I spent so many hours fucking my high school boyfriend. They now call home the place where I first masturbated and where I used to lock the bathroom door and hump my teddy's nose and stick a toothbrush inside me.

I guess it made me think that our homes have a long and varied sexual history. It's just a tad odd knowing the people living in yours.


May 23, 2017

The Perils of Moving Home

Honestly! I've only been home a few weeks and already many awkward moments have been had. Running into a woman at the shops who's husband's face ypu used to sit on and drown in yoir juices. Knowing that she most likely slept in the bed I drenched over and over as he made me cum for hours. Then yesterday as I was out for work seeing someone walking with their kid knowing that I was actively engaging in sexual activities with her husband with her having no idea it was going on.

I kinda miss the anonymity of living in another state or even another town! I've fucked too many people in this slice of pie!